How accurate is Flume? Very.

Independent lab tests confirm 99% accuracy.

As soon as our customers install their Flume Systems, they often ask us “How accurate is my Flume?” The answer: very accurate.

The Flume System was recently tested by the Utah Water Research Laboratory at Utah State University. The University tested three Flume devices on three different meters at four different flow rates.

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Your ‘similar households comparison’ just got better

Did you know that you can compare your water usage with others in the Flume app? This feature has been around for a while, and it just got smarter. We’ve updated the ‘Similar Households Comparison’ function on our app to better reflect how your property compares with that of like properties.

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Flume – Shared Access

Shared access to your Flume water monitor

You’re going on vacation and don’t want to worry about a thing, like your water.  

You help watch over as caretaker for a property and need access to their Flume system to help protect the property from leaks.

Or you have more than one property and want to share your property’s water use and leak alerts with someone who’s there when you aren’t.

With Shared Access, you can easily share your Flume leak alerts or water use with anyone you choose, helping to avoid water leaks and waste.

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